The Great Gatsby


Iloura was brought onto The Great Gatsby primarily to work on the 'Valley of Ashes' sequences. Filmed in Sydney, it was our job to add digital set extensions, and effects to recreate the location based on 1920's period new York. An important part of the project I contributed to was the creation of the Eckleburg eyes sign. This model was supplied by an external company, however it needed to largely be remodeled and retextured to hold up in multiple full-screen shots and to fit into Iloura's V-ray pipeline. I also worked on the look-dev of the Ashpiles. These had to hold up to high fidelity as they were featured in almost every shot over the sequences. They were primarily created in Zbrush, and modified based on the desired silhouette for each shot.
A larger list of my tasks and breakdowns can be found below.


  • Created environments, digital set extensions and props based on 1920’s period New York.
  • Modeled a combination of organic and hardsurface geo.
  • Re-modeled/re-textured geometry supplied by external companies.
  • Completed set dressing and layout on digital set extensions.
  • Researched and designed, props/vehicles based on concept art, period photos and on-set scans.
  • Textured and shaded numerous models on the project.
  • Worked on the design and look-dev of the Ashpiles, that featured predominantly over several sequences.
  • Processed, cleaned, and updated geo/scans from external companies to fit into Iloura's V-ray pipeline.