I, Frankenstein

Iloura was one of the primary venders on the I, Frankenstein feature. I joined the company and production early on to help with modeling and design/look-dev of various aspects of the film. A large part of the project I contributed to, included to creation of various digital doubles. This included the human digital doubles of several of the key characters, as well as doubles for the demons, which later were used for many of the crowd, and fatality shots. I also contributed to work on the gargoyle creatures in the feature. This was primarily the designing and modeling of the clothing and weapons that the gargoyles used. Once the look-dev aspects of the film were locked down, I then moved onto digital set extensions based on the gothic previs look of the film, and helped fx artists to build geometry used for various destruction shots. A larger list of my tasks and breakdowns can be found below.


  • Created highres assets, ranging from conception through to shading, all based on gothic fantasy and period settings/concepts.
  • Created digital doubles based on the likeness of on set actors. These were created from onset scans, reference images, and concepts.
  • Designed and created various weapons/clothing/assets used in the final film.
  • Modeled digital environments and buildings based on concept art, photos and on-set scans.
  • Completed set dressing, and layout tasks across multiple digital environment sets.
  • Worked closely with character riggers on a creating a streamlined geometry process, that would enable the quick production turnaround of character crowds.
  • Worked closely with fx artists to produce geometry and textures, which would later be used throughout a number of effects.
  • Completed look-dev and tests throughout the project on tasks such as digital double hair, weapons, clothing and shaders.