Walking With Dinosaurs 3D

I contributed to the Walking With Dinosaurs 3D feature, while working at Animal Logic. Although I was employed in the modeling department, I also completed work for the Art and Layout/Previs Departments. In these departments, I completed a number of tasks such as previs presentations/displays, and modeling for animatics. While in the modeling department, a significant amount of time was on contributing to dinosaur models. One of these tasks was sculpting the character concept of  'Bulldust' a largley featured Pachyrhinosaurus character. Once the dinosaurs were designed and sculpted, I then moved onto the retopologizing of the models, which were to conform to Animal Logics proprietary rigging pipeline. A larger list of my tasks and breakdowns can be found below.


  • Completed work for Modeling, Art, and Layout departments.
  • Worked on a number of highres character/prop models, based on paleontologist studies and information .
  • Collaborated with the Art Director, on the development look of various dinosaur models and textures.
  • Created a variety of models and textures for previs, both environmental and character based.
  • Worked with a number of other artists on previs presentations.
  • UVmapped various highres, and previs models.
  • Completed retopologizing tasks throughout the production.
  • Processed and cleaned Lidar scans that the studio received from on-set filmed locations.